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The Day of Mourning was the event in which the nation of Cyre was destroyed in a magical holocaust of unknown origins on 20 Olarune, 994 YK. This event marked the beginning of the end of the Last War. Over a million Cyrans perished, including Cyre's Queen Dannel ir'Wynarn, along with military personnel from Breland, Thrane, and Karrnath within the nation's borders.[1]

The cause and origin of the Mourning is unknown. There are conflicting eyewitness accounts that include a blinding light on the Saerun Road, or mists originating from the capitol of Metrol.[2] However, by the end of the day the mists had advanced to form a wall around what once was Cyre. The land was subsequently named the Mournland.[3]


Day of Mourning[]

On what is now known as the Field of Ruins in southwestern Cyre, the combined forces of the Brelish military, led by Princess Borann, and Thrane armies, led by Bishop-Militant Grodan, a close friend and advisor of High Cardinal Krozen, joined by pact, were attacking a much smaller Cyran force. The Cyrans had just been reinforced, after having cleverly used tireless warforged units for days to convince their opponents that they possessed greater numbers, but were still outnumbered 3 to 1.[3]

Meanwhile, Karrn attackers were moving through Cyre to the north, in a retaliatory strike for the recent Cyran attack on Atur in Karrnath near the Ashen Spires.[3]

However bad things might have looked for the Cyrans, no one could have imagined the devastation in store. And the invading armies were not spared. The skies are said to have burned so brightly that soldiers at Angwar Keep in Thrane were blinded.[4] In the end, virtually everyone within the borders of what is now the Mournland perished. The only exceptions were those who could escape or survive via magical means, and those who were on the borders or outside of Cyre.[2]

Other Events[]

On the Day of Mourning, an enormous subterranean prison complex—built by House Cannith to contain alien and extraplanar threats for all time—fell and its jailer, the warforged Warden became corrupted by the very things that the construct was created to imprison.[5][6]

Many who survived the disaster did so by evacuating via lightning trains. However, one train, Cyre 1313, was delayed due to one wealthy and selfish passenger demanding other civilians be ousted to make room for him and his belongings. As a result, Cyre 1313 failed to leave and all the passengers were killed. The train now exists as The Mourning Rail, a mobile Domain in the Demiplane of Dread, with its passengers - including the one responsible, now its Darklord - undead spirits who believe they escaped, on a journey they can never hope to complete.[7]

Peace Talks[]

When news broke of the events of the Day of Mourning, offensive operations of the other nations ceased and peace talks began, culminating in the Treaty of Thronehold and bringing an end to the Last War in 996 YK.[4]


Survivors of Cyre's destruction often come together to commemorate their lost kingdom on 20 Olarune, sharing stories, songs, and other expressions of Cyran culture.[8][9]