The Dawn-Builders are a guild run by House Ghallanda, it's leader is Chervina the Architect. The Dawn-Builders consists of several hundred masons and artisans along with a group of guards. The Dawn-Builders' objective is to build new enclaves in specific locations designated by their leader Chervina whilst the guards only objective is to clear these locations of threats. The guild members are only informed as to where they'll be building next at the last minute as Chervina refuses to announce future project locations in advance. These building sites are seemingly decided at random however, Chervina claims she is following the Draconic Prophecy. The Dawn-Builders are directed to build in all types of locations ranging from central nations to remote wilds of The Demon Wastes and even Xen'drik. Chervina sometimes sets dead lines on the projects though, the consequences for failing to meet these deadlines are unknown to the Dawn-Builders. Chervina prefers to rely on her guards or adventurers to keep the masons and artisans safe however, when the time calls for it she will contract House Deneith mercenaries or House Tharashk rangers.  

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