The Daughters of Sora Kell are a group of three hags who have joined together for mutual benefit. Sora Katra is a green hag who acts as the voice, leader and strategist. Sora Maenya is an annis hag and serves as the muscle for the group, often leading groups of giant and ogre followers. Sora Teraza is an old dusk hag and perhaps the greatest seer and diviner in Eberron. Her visions help guide the group through good and bad, though her tenuous grasp on reality and mysterious motives render this not entirely foolproof, though it is a formidable asset. The hags are the main driving force behind the rising nation of Droaam. Aside from their own innate abilities and magical powers, they also have a large group of powerful trolls and ogres at their command, fanatics who would gladly die for their queens.

In 986 YK, the hags appeared in what is now Droaam, and have since built a great city that they named after the mountain they founded it in, the Great Crag. They actively work with House Tharashk to send their mercenaries and laborers out into the world, bringing money and intel back into the nation.

For now they build their court at the Great Crag, but their ultimate goals remain a mystery.




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