Darro Ir'Lain is Aundair's Second Warlord of the Realm, Commander of the Knights Arcane, and captain among that order's elite Knights Phantom.  He is also a member of the Aundair Triumvirate.


Lord Darro is a bold warrior who has augmented his martial skill with considerable arcane power. As a captain of the Knights Phantom, he rides a steed conjured with the Phantom Steed ritual. In 955, after the assassination of his commanding officer, General Retief Dekker,  while still a Captain of Horse, Lord Darro was given command of the defending Aundairian Army at The Crying Fields in the face of a Thrane invasion.  Outnumbered, he nevertheless managed to brilliantly outfox the advancing Thranes, ably using maneuvers, spells and archery to break their advancing cavalry.  Had the Thranes not released a new weapon, the silverye marauders, the battle would have been an easy Aundairian victory. As it was, the marauders were able to break Aundair's right flank, but with their own cavalry already in retreat, Thrane was unable to take advantage. Under Lord Darro's command Aundair held the field, but only just.  

Currently he splits his time in Fairhaven between currying the queen's favor and that of Prince Adal.

Lord Darro has been planning a campaign to reclaim part of the Eldeen Reaches. Specially, his plans suggest that Aundair could take back the portion of the Reaches that stretches from the Wynarn River to Mossmantle and the start of the Towering Wood.  This would battle-harden the core of Aundair's army, including his own Knights Arcane, for the resurgence of war that he believes is inevitable.

His ambition to retake the more heavily populated section of the Eldeen Reaches is well known, nevertheless he is careful to maintain deniability for any actions he authorizes in that region. Through sympathetic intermediaries, he hires willing mercenaries and patriots to enter the Eldeen Reaches and spy on fortifications and military targets, disrupt trade, foment dissent, destroy key resources, and even assassinate leaders. Lord Darro only takes the most successful agents into his inner circle however, greatly reducing the likelihood that there are any links between himself and those who get caught.


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