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The Dark Pack is a nomadic group of werewolves and worgs that haunts the moors of southern Droaam.[1][2]


The Dark Pack migrates throughout southern Droaam, hunting humans and occasionally goblins for sport. They hate the followers of the Silver Flame above all else, and take immense pleasure in hunting them down whenever they manage to sniff them out.[1]

As most in the Dark Pack are lycanthropes hunted by the the Church of the Silver Flame, the Pack goes to great lengths to keep their existence hidden, never leaving any survivors in the wake of their attacks to prevent lycanthropy from spreading and revealing their existence.[1]


The Dark Pack was founded by Zaeurl, a survivor of the Lycanthropic Purge, in the Eldeen Reaches approximately 30 years ago. The Pack moved to southern Droaam after being offered protection by the Daughters of Sora Kell, and are some of the hag's most loyal allies. The Pack is often sent out to target enemies of the hags.[1]


The Dark Pack includes lycanthropes of all kinds, as well as more beastly creatures.[2] With but a few exceptions they are all natural lycanthropes, descended from survivors of the Lycanthropic Purge. Many pack members have remained in wolf or animal form their entire lives, never once having shifted to one of their other forms to keep hidden.[1]

Most are werewolves, but a scant few wereboars, werebears and the like can also be counted among their numbers.[3]