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Darguun is a nation that broke off from Cyre during the Last War, when goblinoid mercenaries seized the region for their own. The nation has become a host for many members of their race seeking a homeland, including hobgoblins and bugbears.[1]


Darguun encompasses the lands south and east of the Seawall Mountains, bordered by the Mournland on the east. It is made up of four distinct regions: the Ghaal River basin (the northern lowlands), the Seawall Mountains, the Torlaac Moor and the Khraal Jungle.[1]


Darguun is made up of a patchwork of clans, each clan led by a local warlord. These lords often, but not always, swear fealty to a greater warlord in a quasi-feudal relationship, but the warlord holds absolute authority in the lands that they control. The leader of the nation of Darguun is the Lhesh Haruuc Shaarat'kor. Haruuc leads the young and volatile nation through a combination of martial prowess and a deft negotiation with many, but not all of these warlords.[1]

While Haruuc's Ghaal'dar clans hold the majority of power in Darguun and control the northern lowlands, there are other groups that have significant power in the region:[1]

  • Living beneath the Seawall mountains, the Kech Dhakaani clans are made up of a host of clans wholly devoted to war and reclaiming the old Dhakaani Empire. Currently without leadership, the Kech Dhakaani could pose a significant threat to Darguun should the clans unite.[2]
  • The Marguul tribes inhabit southern Darguun's marshes and jungles. These tribes of bugbears have largely promised their fealty to Haruuc, but some of the more violent tribes refuse Ghaal'dar leadership.[1]
  • Lhesh Haruuc gains political legitimacy with the rest of Khorvaire through his connections with House Deneith. In return, House Deneith gains a steady supply of goblinoid mercenaries.[1]
Darguun Hobgoblins

Hobgoblins with captives.

The nation practices slavery. Technically, Lhesh Haruuc abolished the practice in the capital of Rhukaan Draal, but each clan leader can chooses whether to permit it within their borders or not.[3][1] The slaves come from all the races of Khorvaire, such as gnomes, humans, and kobolds. These slaves were captured during the Last War, yet the clans constantly seek to capture more.[1]

The land is currently united by Lhesh Haruuc.[1]

Power Groups[]


  • Arthuun (village)
  • Brokentooth (village)
  • Ghaal'tash (village)
  • Grellreach (village)
  • Olkhaan (village)
  • Rheklor (city)
  • Rhukaan Draal (capital)
  • Shae Joridal (town)
  • Skullreave (village)
  • Volaar Draal (city)
  • Wyvernskull (town)
  • Zarrthec (village)

Geographic Features[]


A small population of geriviars has lived in Darguun since the goblinoid empires of ancient Khorvaire. They are employed to provide defense for Rhukaan Draal and other big goblin settlements.[4]


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Note that the map in the 4th-edition Eberron Campaign Guide incorrectly shows Darguun being bordered on the north by Thrane. Breland is actually the country on Darguun's northern border.



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