Dar Qat is a remote port of Riedra on the western shore of Xen'drik.[1][2][3]


Nestled within the Scimitar Spires, Dar Qat is located along southern shore of a bay protruding into Xen'drik from the Sea of Lost Souls.[1]


Founded by explorers from the Unity of Riedra long before Stormreach was established, the small city of Dar Qat is an outpost for this distant empire.[1][3]


Dar Qat is a beautiful sight—a city composed of wondrous crysteel displaying the might of Riedra. The city is dwarfed by a nearby hanbalani altas over 800 feet high.[1]

Occupants include humans, Inspired lords, and dromite and half-giant slaves.[1]

All treasures, refined goods, and products destined for Sarlona from the continent leave from Dar Qat.[1]




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