Queen Dannel ir'Wynarn was the last monarch of the kingdom of Cyre.[4][1][2][3] She reigned from 943 YK to 994 YK.[4]


Dannel was incredibly charismatic, and she inspired the whole realm and kept spirits high in the face of great losses.[2]


Her son is Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn.[2][3]


She ascended the throne in 943 YK.[4]

Being in the capital of Metrol on the Day of Mourning on 20 Olarune in 994 YK, Dannel is thought to have been killed in the Mourning.[1][2][3]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It's rumored that, in the final days of the Last War when Cyre stood on the brink of collapse, Queen Dannel and her advisors had planned a new major effort to save the kingdom from invaders.[4][2] It's even been wondered if she had some hand in the Mourning itself.[2]


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