Dalin d'Vadalis

After his brother, Sasik d'Vadalis, renounced his claim to House Vadalis when he married Queen Aurala of Aundair it fell to Dalin d'Vadalis (CG male human expert 8) to take the reigns of leadership. Even though he no longer holds any power within the house Sasik is still a member of the Vadalis family and relations between the siblings remain strong. House Vadalis, unlike the other houses, has no titles for its members and even its patriarch is only referred to as such by those outside the house. Dalin is a deeply humble man who makes no claims of greatness or nobility (much to the ire of the other Dragonmarked houses). No true council advises him, house meetings are a chaotic, family affair that some see as too long and wasteful but which house members feel are intregal to running House Vadalis.


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