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Daanvi the Perfect Order is the manifestation of law in the planes. All things of Daanvi live in perfect harmony born of order.[1]


Daanvi is a plane of order, where cleanly defined crops are farmed by its formian inhabitants. Battalions of angels patrol the skies of Daanvi, and welcome planar travelers and merchants.[1][2]


The formians of Daanvi

  • The most numerous inhabitants of the plane of Daanvi are the formians, whose colonies network the plane.[1]
  • Various angels and immortals who worship Aureon and Boldrei, such as the justicators and the arcadian avengers call Daanvi home, where they thrive in the harmony of the plane.[1][2][3]
  • Most of the Inevitables also call the plane of Daanvi home, including the Kolyarut and the Zelekhut.[1]
  • The visilights live on Daanvi as well, where they explore the plane in search of perfection.[1][4]
  • The other creatures inhabiting Daanvi are Axiomatic creatures; creatures that have been empowered with the essence of order.[1]

Manifest Zones[]

  • Formian hives have been found in the jungles of Xen'drik, which assumes the existence of manifest zones on the lost continent.[5]

Effects on the Material Plane[]


While superstitions say that Eberron is more stable when Daanvi is coterminous, there has been no specific evidence of this being true.[1]


Just as there is no effect when Daanvi is coterminous, there is no effect when Daanvi is remote.[1]


Keith Baker has suggested on his website that Daanvi incorporates all aspects of law and order into the plane, and that its inhabitants may include devils.[6]


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