Cyre ir'Wynarn (? – ?) was the first ruler of the land that would be named for him, Cyre, and the second king of Galifar. He succeeded to the throne upon the abdication of his father, Galifar ir'Wynarn I and was succeeded by Galifar ir'Wynarn II.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

Cyre was the youngest son of Galifar Wynarn and, like his two brothers and two sisters, upon coming of age served as one of his warlords in conquering and united Khorvaire. They gained a great deal of military and leadership experience. Finally, they united the Five Nations as the kingdom of Galifar in the year 1 YK. In recognition of their services, the sons and daughters of Galifar were each granted control of one of the Five Nations as governor-princes; Cyre took the southeast, a land then known as "Metrol". They also served on a ruling council that advised and aided the monarch.[1][2]

In 32 YK, the Five Nations were renamed for their rulers; Cyre's domain of Metrol became Cyre.[1][2]

Cyre was the oldest surviving child when his father finally abdicated the throne at the age of 85, in the year 40 YK. According to the rules of succession established by his father, this meant that he became the next King of Galifar.[1]

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