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Cyre 1313, also called the Mourning Rail, is a lightning rail train that once ran through Cyre before the Mourning but now hurtles forever through the Demiplane of Dread.[1]


Cyre 1313 once operated on one of the lightning rails connecting to the Cyran capital, Metrol. Then, on the Day of Mourning on 20 Olarune, 994 YK, citizens crowded aboard the lightning rail trains to escape the city—including Cyre 1313, the last to leave the city. However, an unknown, late-arriving VIP ordered a critical delay, even forcing hundreds of people off so they and their retinue could board in secrecy. Cyre 1313 finally departed, but too late, and was overtaken by the dead-gray mist and lost.[1]

Only it wasn't destroyed. Cyre 1313 and all aboard were spirited away, not by the dead-gray mists but by the Mists of the Demiplane of Dread. Now it runs ceaselessly through the plane and its Mists as a mobile domain of that realm.[1]


The lightning rail's elemental spirit is corrupted by necrotic energy, turning it into something of a ghost train.[1]

The crew and passengers of Cyre 1313 are forever outrunning the Mourning, unaware it has already consumed them and that they themselves are undead. They exist in dread of the disaster, the necrotic nature of the elemental spirit, and the Last Passenger occupying the front carriage.[1]


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