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Creation forges are immense eldritch machines that produce warforged.[1]


It's commonly thought that a creation forge works by amplifying the power of a Mark of Making. Hence, only a dragonmarked heir of House Cannith may operate one.[2]


The creation forges were first crafted by Merrix d'Cannith (senior), but it was his son Aaren d'Cannith who perfected his father's work and turned the forges to the creation of the warforged. For thirty-one years, the creation forges churned out numbers of warforged through processes only scions of House Cannith fully understand.[1]

All creation forges have been officially dismantled according to the agreements in the Treaty of Thronehold.[1]

Although the creation forges have been outlawed, at least two still operate in secret. Merrix d'Cannith, the grandson of the progenitor of the warforged, still runs a creation forge deep in the bowels of Sharn, though he performs creations sparingly, so as not to alert any outsiders to its presence. The other creation forge is located deep in the Mournland and is controlled by the Lord of Blades. This forge was damaged either during the Last War or the Mourning, and so only produces warforged at a fraction of the rate at which it used to. It is not unusual for warforged to emerge from this forge with deformities in either body, mind, or both.[1] An impressive three creation forges were sited in Eston[3][2]—their fates are unknown, but there are many dreadful possibilities.[2]


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