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Creation's Muse is a sect of worshipers of the Dark Six who revere the Traveler above all.[1]


They attribute the creation of all deities of the Dark Six and the Sovereign Host either directly or indirectly to the Traveler. For example, they believe the Traveler inspired the Devourer to want to sire offspring, thereby leading to the Fury. Furthermore, they attribute almost every significant discovery, such as warforged, to the Traveler. They hold it higher than all other gods and travel the world in constant search for it, as they believe it walks among them.[1]


They especially despise the Scions of the Forge, who are warforged followers of Onatar, as they hold that the true god of creation is the Traveler and should be worshiped as such. They try to thwart their efforts.[1]


Followers of Creation's Muse come from all races and walks of life.[1]


All of the members work to bestow the "gifts of the Traveler" on others. They are mysterious and considered deceitful.[1]