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The Covenant of the Gray Mist is a secret society of Cyrans dedicated to discovering the truth of the Mourning.[1][2]


The Covenant members investigate the events of the Day of Mourning and the creation of the Mournland. Ultimately, they seek to get justice or vengeance against those responsible, but are yet to draw a conclusion and instead wait for the truth of the Mourning. Until then, they endeavor to cleanse the monstrosities from the Mournland.[2]


Four times a year, the members of the Covenant meet in secret in a cave complex lying a few miles to the east of New Cyre.[1]


They have thirty members, including six Cyran avengers, and would accept more of their ilk.[1]

Their leader is no less than Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn. However, for secrecy, he does not attend meetings in person, only via a proxy. Nevertheless, through them, he is the unofficial, covert leader of the Cyran avengers, using them to investigate the Mourning and Cyre's enemies.[1]