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The Cold Sun Tribes are a coalition of twenty-four tribes of lizardfolk who make their home in the vast jungle of Q'barra, particularly in the north and east. Each of the tribes have different customs and rituals that they follow; their common factor other than their race is that all of them are bound by ancient traditions.[1][2]


New Galifar[]

Seven of the twenty-four tribes border the territory of the settlers of New Galifar. Among the Cold Sun Tribes, there are many differing attitudes when it comes to these newcomers. Most fear the common races and especially distrust humans. However, the Twilight Walkers are unique in being willing to not only work with the settlers, but also serve as ambassadors for the Tribes. They visit Jarot and Newthrone often.[1]


Although the Cold Sun Tribes possess a numerical advantage over the Blackscales, the blackscales use their large size and connection to the black dragon Rhashaak to pressure the more numerous Cold Sun Tribes. Factions of Cold Sun Tribes that wish to overthrow the Blackscales have been reported and it seems the Lords of Dust are working behind the scenes.[1]


The Cold Sun respect the dragonborn, but keep their distance.[2]