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The Cleric is a divine servant of gods and other celestial forces and does their bidding through their combat prowess and divine spells. The typical cleric wears heavy armor and wields simple weapons dealing out a good bit of damage while also using their divinely granted magic abilities to buff themselves and other party members. Good clerics are powerful healers due to the large number of healing and curative magics available to them and their ability to cast them spontaneously while evil clerics inflict damage with equal proficiency. Clerics also possess the ability to hold sway over undead either turning them away or commanding them to do their bidding depending on their chosen alignment.

Special Abilities[]

Spells - Clerics channel divine energies from celestial forces. Though the existence of gods may be in doubt in Eberron there is no doubt that the devout can call upon some supernatural power to help them. Clerics must pray for their spells as druids and rangers, however the cleric has the ability to swap a prepared spell for a healing spell of equal or lesser level for good clerics or wounding spells for evil clerics. This ability makes the cleric particularly useful in keeping the other members of the party alive.

Domains - In addition to the clerics regular spells he also possess the ability to cast a spell based on two chosen domains. Domains are specific areas of influence that the clerics chosen divine force has particular sway over. Each domain has its own special list of spells and the cleric can prepare and cast spells from these lists.

Turning Undead - The cleric also has the ability to influence undead in special ways depending on their alignment and power level. Good clerics find they are able to turn undead through the power of their divinely good god. As the good cleric increases in power he may find that lesser undead simply explode into dust from the sheer force of the cleric's faith. Evil clerics gain the ability to command undead (also known as rebuking) with the power of their divinely evil god's command behind them.

Clerics in Eberron[]

Although the gods may not walk among mortals in Eberron there is no shortage of faith. Some argue that it is because of this faith that clerics can cast their divine magic, not because of the gods themselves. Further support for this theory comes from clerics of cults or other non-divine lead religions such as the Lord of Blades who find themselves still able to perform the same abilities as those with more divine inspiration at their behest. Whatever supernatural power clerics tap into on Eberron there is no doubt of the force behind this power and its ability to shape Eberron.

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