Chokers are small aberrations with elongated arms that they use to choke their prey to death.[1] Chokers were created during the Age of Monsters by the daelkyr from halfling stock.[2][3]


Approximately 9,000 years ago, in the Age of Monsters, the plane of Xoriat became coterminous with the plane of Eberron. During that time, the lords of Xoriat, an aberrant race known as the daelkyr, pierced the planar walls and launched an invasion of Eberron, on the continent of Khorvaire. They assaulted the goblinoid Dhakaani Empire, decimating most of western Khorvaire.[2]

The daelkyr lords, masters of shaping reality, found joy in twisting the beings of Eberron to suit their own purpose. These daelkyr created the chokers from halfling stock. Over the course of the next 4,000 years, the Dhakaani fell. However, the daelkyr soon found themselves against the Gatekeeper Druids, who used their magic to push the daelkyr back to Xoriat. [2][4]

While most of the daelkyr and their creations were either sent back to Xoriat or trapped within Khyber, a large number of chokers remained on Eberron. While most chokers were destroyed during the Daelkyr War, some survive, either to live deep within Khyber, or as servants to the daelkyr.[2][5]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Chokers appear to have bodies resembling naked halflings, but with mottled flesh. Their limbs are long and spindly, and end in clawed hands and feet. While their torso and head contain bones, their arms and legs are comprised entirely of cartilage; this gives the choker a bow-legged gait. Their hands and feet have spiny pads that allow the choker to grip almost any surface.[1]

Sages believe that chokers live in a loose tribal structure; a Korranberg-sponsored expedition into the Khyber discovered a tribe of sixty chokers living in such an arrangement.[2] In general, chokers are greedy, especially for their next meal.[1]


Sufficed to say, Chokers are great at choking their prey. They fling their appendages at their targets, grabbing them with their tentacle-arms. They then choke the life out of their target. Chokers possess darkvision, and are unnaturally quick. They often prefer to ambush their prey from above, using their spiny hands to hang from ceilings, and pounce on their targets at the perfect time.[1]


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