The Children of Winter are a small druidic sect who embrace death and decay as part of the natural cycle of life. The Children believe that diseases and famines are sacred, as they aid the natural cycle in culling the weak.[1][2] Some Children of Winter focus on preserving the natural order, and fight undead, while others spread diseases and plagues.[3][4] The children have no formal organizational hierarchy, instead operating in packs, each led by a single leader[3] Most Children of Winter reside near the Gloaming in the Towering Wood of the Eldeen Reaches, a holy place for the sect.[3][5]

Many Children of Winter are fascinated by the Day of Mourning and see as a harbinger of the destruction of Eberron that will usher in the spring of a new age.[1][3][4][6] Since the Day of Mourning occurred some Children have left to travel across Khorvaire to aid in bringing this age to an end, while other Children seeks to uncover the cause of the Mourning and prove that it isn't a sign of the age to come.[1][3][4]

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