Chervina is a female halfling wizard and a high ranking member of House Ghallanda. She has convinced Yoren and others that House Ghallanda has a prophetic responsibility to build enclaves and offer hospitality in specific locations. Some of the locations that Chervina has demanded an enclave to be built on are remote, and sometimes completely abandoned. The leaders of Ghallanda believe she has a mystical connection with the Draconic Prophecy and it is because of this belief as to why they allow her to build in these locations. Chervina's rivals within the house believe her to simply be mad and have spread this rumour to demerit her. 

Chervina has constructed enclaves on the southeast border of the Demon Wastes, the shore of Lake Dark in Karrnath, the centre of the Desert of Blades and on the Xen'drik coast. Chervina runs the Dawn-Builders, a group of several hundred masons and a handful of guards to fight monsters whilst she and the masons construct enclaves. She never informs the Dawn-Builders as to where they are going and will hire House Deneith mercenaries or House Tharashk rangers to keep her Dawn-Builders safe when she feels the need to.

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