Lady Chaseva ir'Maasat was a minor noble of Cyre and later queen of Breland as the wife of King Boranel ir'Wynarn before her assassination.[1]


Chaseva and Boranel met and fell in love while he was a student at the Library of Korranberg, and they later wed. But Boranel had broken with tradition and his enemies tried to paint this as a betrayal of his nation. However, the Sharn Inquisitive published a series of articles about their early meetings, and these helped sway public opinion from outrage to charmed fascination at a royal romance that crossed hostile borders.[1]

Their happy marriage ended in tragedy one moonless night when Chaseva was assassinated. The killer remains unknown and the significant bounty unclaimed. Nevertheless, Boranel suspects the hags of Droaam[1] and charged Baron Trelib d'Medani with investigating; though he's dedicated, his efforts have been in vain.[2][3]

Boranel later remarried.[1]


Chaseva and Boranel had four children together.[1][note 1]



  1. While Boranel has eleven children, some with two later wives, and some are named, it is unclear which are Chaseva's children.


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