All of the character classes from the Player's Handbook have a place in Eberron, and a few character classes from other sources also make good additions to the setting. Eberron, for instance, is one of the few settings in which ninjas, by their tone and attitude, seem to fit perfectly.

While the basic character classes provide fair coverage in regard to the roles players may want to assume, there are gaps that can be filled with the addition of new base classes. All of the character classes presented here may be used for player characters, with the permission of the DM.

Eberron also presents a new core class, the Artificer, who uses the power of magical infusions.

Barbarian | Bard | Cleric | Druid | Fighter | Monk | Paladin | Ranger | Rogue | Sorcerer | Wizard

Artificer | Beguiler | Courtier | Courtesan | Dragon Shaman | Duskblade | Favored Soul | Hexblade | Knight | Ninja | Samurai | Scholar | Scout | Shugenja | Spellthief | Spirit Shaman | Swashbuckler | Warlock | Warmage | Wu Jen