Chance is the owner of an eponymous casino in the Dragoneyes ward of Sharn. It runs a number of rackets in Sharn; everything from betting on races to gambling. Chance also runs a more interesting game: any wager one can think of, Chance will lay odds and open betting. Can you survive for two days with House Tarkanan trying to assassinate you? Can you seduce the ambassador from Aerenal in the next 24 hours? Chance will set up the action.

Chance appears in a different form, usually male, each night. The only way to recognize Chance is a specific amulet it wears. Chance worships the Traveler, but is not affiliated with the Tyrants of Sharn.[1]

Notes Edit

Chance is a true doppelganger as understood under the 3.5E rules; the word is not used as a synonym for changeling here, as it would be in 4E.


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