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The Challenge for New Khorvaire is a tournament for the game of conqueror planned to be held in Korth, Karrnath, in late Sypheros in 998 YK. It is to be the first-wide continent-wide contest for the game.[1]


After a century of war, there's no better way to usher in a new era than to have the world’s finest strategic minds moving pieces on a conqueror board, not armies on a battlefield.
— Baron ir'Kantarros to the Sharn Inquisitive[1]

In Sypheros of 998 YK, Baron ir'Kantarros of Karrnath, famous for his love of the game, announced his inaugural pan-Khorvaire tourney. He promised prizes of gold coins, jewelry, and more, with the winner to receive a land grant in southwestern Karrnath. He sent invitations to almost a hundred people, including renowned players, distinguished military leaders, and noted experts in other fields—Varro ir'Hatarr, Jurra Nellan, Herrat Mensetain, and Col. Taruth have already expressed their plans to participate. The invitation includes a round-trip passage to Korth via lightning rail. The proposal was reported in the Sypheros 15th edition of the Sharn Inquisitive.[1] Prince Halix ir'Wynarn of Breland also plans to attend.[2]



The Darkwood Mask (mentioned only)


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