Cellester is a main character featured in the Crimson Talisman novel. He is a human cleric and was formerly loyal to the Silver Flame church before becoming loyal to Vaddi's family.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
It is claimed by Vaddi's cousin, Kalfar that Cellester was in love with his mother, Indreen. Many knew of his secret affection and was distrusting towards him; many assumed he was involved in an affair.

The reason for Cellester's betrayal was that he was drugged by servants of Zuharrin who had infiltrated Anzar's army. Whilst drugged they persuaded him to swear an oath even drawing his blood to bound him. They promised that if he were to assist them, they would return Indreen to life who would then be freed of her marital vows. If he were to decline they would resurrect Indreen as a servant to the Emerald Claw.

Cellester was killed in the ruins of Azzahareb in Xen'drik when defending Vaddi.


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