There are many religions spread throughout the world of Eberron.

Religion History Gods Meaning of Life Afterlife Practices
Sovereign Host Precursor faiths among humans in Sarlona, and goblinoids in Khorvair. Arawai, Aureon, Balinor, Boldrei, Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran, Olladra, Onatar Follow the Sovereign Host for material gain in this life. Souls go to Dolurrh. The Keeper randomly takes souls and utterly annihilates them.
Dark Six Schism from the Sovereign Host. The Devourer, The Fury, The Keeper, The Mockery, The Shadow, The Traveler Embrace the totality of life, "light" and "dark" Dolurrh is a place of punishment. The Keeper takes worthy souls to a desirable afterlife.
Silver Flame Founded by Tira Miron c. 229 YK Silver Flame Fight supernatural evil, lead a noble life Righteous join with the Silver Flame in death Initiation ritual
Blood of Vol Founded by Erandis Vol c. 2,600 years ago The Divinity Within Avoid Dolurrh by attaining divinity Small blood offerings at home shrines, Bloodtouched Rite
Undying Court Undying Ancestors
The Keepers of the Past Ancient Ancestors Follow in the footsteps of your ancestors
Cults of the Dragon Below Overlords, Daelkyr
Path of Inspiration Reincarnation into an Inspired
Path of Light
Lord of Blades
Becoming God
Thir Progenitor Dragons, Dragon Gods, Sovereigns
Druidic Sects

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