Eberron sits on the material plane, which is one of a myriad of planes of existence. Scholars speak of other planes of existence that orbit the material, or prime plane. As these planes draw closer to the material plane, they become coterminous. This act affects Eberron, infusing the material plane with the aspect of the plane becoming coterminous. As the same plane becomes remote, Eberron is also affected, as the aspects that embody the plane become subdued. For instance, when Risia, the Plain of Ice is coterminous with Eberron, then areas of cold become colder; when Risia becomes remote, then areas of cold become less cold.[1]

3rd Edition CosmologyEdit

Eberron sits upon the Material Plane. Within the Material Plane sits three other planes: the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and the Shadow Plane.

3E Cosmology

Orbiting Eberron are the thirteen planes:

The thirteen planes are separate from each other, though travel between the planes is possible. They are all connected to the Astral Plane, but are cut off from the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Shadow; thus spells that allow travel to either of those two planes are unavailable when on one of the 13 orbiting planes.[1]

When the Eberron setting launched in 2004, Wizards of the Coast published an online orrery tool that shows the relative positions of the planes, and their .

4th Edition CosmologyEdit

When the Progenitor Dragons Siberys and Khyber fought each other, their combat stretched out across existence. Khyber defeated Siberys, rending and scattering his among the stars. Eberron then encased her evil sister within herself, transforming herself into a physical world with Khyber imprisoned within. Scholars believe this extends to the cosmology as well, where some planes exist with the Siberys, the Dragon Above (the Astral Sea, also called the Sea of Siberys), some with Khyber, the Dragon Below (the Elemental Chaos), and some with Eberron, the Dragon Between. Each of the 14 planes that orbit Eberron is tied to one of the Progenitor Dragons.

4E Cosmology

Siberys, the Dragon Above:

Eberron, the Dragon Between:

Khyber, the Dragon Below:

Those planes of the Dragon Above are the home to angels and demons. Those planes of the Dragon Between (called the Coils of Eberron) superimpose over the prime plane. Those planes of the Dragon Below favor cold, fire, and storm.[2]

5th Edition Cosmology Edit

5e mostly returned to the 3rd edition cosmology, dropping the Plane of Shadow in the process as it was no longer necessary for spell effects. The other main change is explicit links to the multiverse - Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron explained how an Eberron campaign could be linked to other settings, if the DM so chose.


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