Below is a listing of all of the known members of House Sivis across the face of Eberron. While all members of House Sivis are gnomes, not all members carry the dragonmarked Mark of Scribing. House Sivis contains both the Notaries Guild and the Speakers Guild, though anyone working for those guilds are not immediately considered a member of House Sivis. They are based out of Korranberg in Zilargo, but have enclaves across the continent of Khorvaire.

There are twelve families in House Sivis, including Corralyn, Haskal, Lyrriman, Magan, Santor, Severin, Syrralan, Tarlian, and Torralyn. Most members of House Sivis carry the surname "d'Sivis", though the occasional member (especially one dedicated to the research of linguistics) may not.

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