Magical Beasts are animals with high intelligences, usually due to the intervention of magic. These creatures may have supernatural abilities, or look bizarre in appearance. Common magical beasts include basilisks, displacer beasts, gorgons, griffons, hippogriffs, owlbears, sphinxes, or even the dreaded tarrasque.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the 3rd edition game mechanics, magical beasts are considered one of the major creature types, which are Aberrations, Animals, Constructs, Dragons, Deathless, Elementals, Fey, Giants, Humanoids, Magical Beasts, Monstrous Humanoids, Oozes, Outsiders, Plants, Undead, and Vermin. Within the 3rd edition mechanics, all magical beasts have 10-sided hit dice, darkvision and low-light vision, and have natural weapons, amongst other traits.

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