A listing of all the comic books that take place in the Eberron campaign setting. One of these is a one-shot comic for Eberron, Eye of the Wolf, written by Eberron creator Keith Baker and published by Devil's Due Publishing. A second, is a two part series. the first is Dungeons & Dragons: Infestation II #1. The second is Dungeons & Dragons: Infestation II #2.

The Infestation series containing the two comics mentioned previously and takes place entirely in Sharn. Its central character is Abraxis Wren a elf inquisitor. It also features his sidekick the dwarf Torin. They take a case to find a missing person and end up discovering a creature from the plane of Daanvi. It gets lose and in the second comic Wren comes up with a plan to rid Sharn of this horror.

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