Carralag is a gargoyle native of Sharn, the city of towers. Each year, Carralag participates in the city's Race of the Eight Winds, a great aerial race on the 23rd of Lharvion. For the race, each of the districts of Sharn fund a flying creature to participate in an amazing race that weaves its way through the towers of Sharn. Carralag represents the Fallen and Malleon's Gate districts, and is also secretly funded by the monstrous criminal organization Daask. Though Carralag has yet to win a face, his fierce cleverness as gained him a strong following amongst the Darguuls and Droaamites of Sharn, who love seeing the gargoyle challenge the more "elite" districts.[1]


Carralag possesses the Manifest Flight feat, which makes him a better flier in the city of Sharn than other gargoyles, thanks to Sharn's manifest zone with Syrania.[1]


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