The Kraken, Calynden d'Lyrandar

Calynden "the Kraken" d'Lyrandar has long served the house as seneschal who specialized in weather extortion and then, at the end of the Last War, was given the post of viceroy of Stormreach by matriarch, Esravash. With the recent and mysterious death of Graden Wylkes, the old Harbormaster, who had followed the tradition of his predecessors and refused to allow House Lyrandar access to the Stormreach harbor.

With the advent of airships in 990 YK, Lyrandar gained access to the city regardless, building the Falconer's Spire in the Marketplace. However, Graden's untimely death and the rise of his son, Jonas Wylkes, as Harbormaster have worked in the favor of the dragonmarked house, who now have a cozy relationship with the Wylkses, via the beautiful, young and able Captain Lazrea d'Lyrandar, whose relationship with Jonas Wylkes the Kraken has so far encouraged. Lyrandar are now leasing land on the eastern peninsula from House Kundarak and building their own shipyard there, to the benefit of both houses. They also have their previously denied access to the Stormreach port.

It is also rumored that the cruel and practical Calynden d'Lyrandar is a member of the Storm Front cult, and may be manipulating both the situation in Stormreach and the general affairs of the house toward the cult's own nefarious ends.


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