A bugbear is a massive humanoid distantly related to, but larger and stronger than, goblins and hobgoblins. Like many goblinoids, bugbears speak Goblin. They are one of the only goblinoids to be covered in fur. Like the other goblinoids in Eberron, bugbears were once part of the dominant civilization of Khorvaire thousands of years ago. Today, they are found across Eberron, but are most likely to be found as part of the Ghaal'dar, Marguul, or the Dhakaani.[1]


Bugbears resemble hairy, feral goblins standing 7 feet tall. They take their name from their noses and claws, which are similar to those of bears. Many bugbears favor chaotic alignments.[1][2]


Bugbears have a reputation for being dim-witted and brutish. This claim is not unfounded and bugbears have easily provoked tempers and are prone to fitful rages. In their own tribes, bugbears tend to prize self-sufficiency and violence among themselves.[1]


Bugbears are believed to have originated during the rise of the Dhakaani Empire, bred by the hobgoblins to serve the empire as slaves and elite soldiers.[3]

After the dissolution of the Dhakaani Empire, the bugbears continued to be ruled primarily by the hobgoblins in tribes known as the Ghaal'dar. However, some bugbears rebelled against their tribes, seizing the lands by the Seawall Mountains and forming their own tribes, known as the Marguul, or "warrior kings".[3] The Marguul tribes became notorious raiders, and would often clash with the Ghaal'dar and the gnomes of Zilargo.[1]

After the conquest of Darguun during the Last War by Lhesh Haruuc, the Marguul mostly pay homage to him and his court. However, some of the Marguul refused to bow to a hobgoblin, and continue to fight with Haruuc's forces.[3]


In general, bugbears live a life based around survival and become rogues, though many also make excellent barbarians[2]. Bugbears in Eberron often live in one of four different groups, as follows.[1]

Like other goblinoids, bugbears can be found in small numbers in the major cities across Khorvaire. These bugbears live peacefully in these cities, but often live in the poorer areas of the cities and are treated as second-class citizens.[4] Outside of the cities, bugbears are often found in tribes, either in the Ghaal'dar tribes or their own Marguul tribes.[1]

The final place where bugbears tend to live is with the heirs of Dhakaan, where the bugbears continue to serve the remnants of the Dhakaani as elite warriors.[1]



Bugbears were a playable race in 3.5-edition D&D in the Monster Manual. In 5th edition, they were first released as a player race in Volo's Guide to Monsters and were reprinted in the Eberron sourcebook Rising from the Last War.

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