A Boromar Clan Nightclub.

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The Boromar Clan is a halfling family that is the most powerful criminal organization in Sharn. Originally a family of immigrants from the Talenta Plains, the Boromar Clan has built up a network of extortion, blackmail, corruption, smuggling, and gambling halls that run from Lower Dura to the Skyway. The current Boromar patriarch is Saidan Boromar, a member of the Gold Concord of the Aurum[1]. Besides their illicit dealings, the Clan also has a number of legitimate business ventures and good social standing. Saidan Boromar's wife is a member of House Jorasco, his daughter Ilyra Boromar is a member of the Sharn Council, and the Boromar family belongs to the Sixty, a prestigious group of powerful Sharn families[2].

The Boromar Clan's dominance of illicit dealings has been disrupted in the past two years by the criminal organization Daask, which has been raiding Boromar holdings and muscling in on activities normally monopolized by the Boromars[1].

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In Rising from the Last War, the Boromar Clan is the example given of a Criminal Organization Group Patron.

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