King Boranel ir'Wynarn is the monarch of the nation of Breland. Instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Thronehold, he is one of the most popular rulers that Breland has ever known[1].

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King Boranel is the third son of Boranex ir'Wynarn, the previous King of Breland. Boranel's two older brothers died in the Last War, and his younger brother Kor ir'Wynarn is the commander of the King's Citadel. Growing up, Boranel recieved a broad education with a focus on the arts of war. His most memorable teacher was a Valenar elf named Eliri. The impressionable young prince fell in love with her, but it was never meant to be[1].

Early Adulthood Edit

As an adult, Boranel served in the Brelish army, rising swiftly through the ranks to become a general due to his merits. He also found time to be a great treasure hunter in Xen'drik, and sought out tremendous wealth in the ruins of that land[1].

King of Breland (961 to present) Edit

In 961, Boranel's father Boranex committed suicide after hearing the news of the deaths of Boranel's older brothers. Boranel was summoned from Sharn to be crowned king of Breland, a title he never expected to have. His 37 years of rule is the longest reign by one ruler in Breland's short history[1].

Weary of ruling over a period of strife and warfare, Boranel began to develop a tremendous desire for peace. When Cyre was destroyed on the Day of Mourning in 994 YK, Boranel was one of the chief leaders calling for peace. He was one of the main negotiaters of the the Treaty of Thronehold and is tireless in its defense[1].

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Boranel's first wife was Lady Chaaseva ir'Maasat, a noble from Cyre, and their romance across enemy lines was popularized in the press. However, their happiness came to an end when Queen Chaaseva was murdered by assassins of unknown origin[1].

Boranel's main residence is Brokenblade Castle in Breland's Capital of Wroat. He spends about a third of each year at the castle, as he does a great deal of travelling around Breland or visiting foreign countries[2].

Boranel has outlived three wives and has eleven children. His oldest daughter Princess Borann perished leading a Brelish army in Cyre on the Day of Mourning[3]. The King has two Magebred Ghost Tigers that he keeps as pets[1].

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