Blood and Honor is a novel set in Eberron and was written by Graeme Davis and published by Wizards of the Coast. It is the fourth and final instalment of The War-Torn series and was released in 2006. The cover was illustrated by Wayne Reynolds.

Karrnath, born in war...

The daughter of a noble family has gone missing. A proud and ancient house has fallen to ruin. Even the dead are disappearing.

And a disgraced exile may be the only one who can save them.

Returning home from the Last War, a bitter soldier discovers a criminal operation trafficking in slaves. When members of his own family turn up missing, his attempt to get them back embroil him in a plot involving illegal necromantic activities that run from the lowliest criminals to the highest reaches of government.

Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

Minor Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Adalrik d'Cannith: A House Cannith artificer and Dria's cousin.
  • Adrik: The ir'Dramon's estate's gamekeeper.
  • Balnark: A dwarven smith.
  • Berend Hintram: Gali ir'Dramon's childhood friend.
  • Detlen: A half-elf prison clerk working for the ministry.
  • Dria d'Cannith: A member of House Cannith who was held captive by Marbulin.
  • Egen: Brey ir'Mallon's second in command.
  • Garn: A female Dwarf and member of the Company of the Skull.
  • Gali ir'Dramon: Vedykar's older brother.
  • Grethilde ir'Dramon: Vedykar's mother.
  • Harika: A barmaid at the Black Dragon.
  • Lath Yoldrum: One of the two leaders of Dern's halfling tribe.
  • Leonus Dabo: a crime lord .
  • Levro: One of the ir'Dramon family servants.
  • Marbulin Dravuliel: A necromancer who ran an undead Karrnathi research facility.
  • Milla: One of the ir'Dramon family servants.
  • Old Hazlon: One of the two leaders of Dern's halfling tribe.
  • Perra: An elderly Halfling woman and House Jorasco healer.
  • Rends Flesh: A ghoul.
  • Rochus Gaebler: A Wight that was a member of unit 61.
  • Sattel: The ir'Dramon's family butler.
  • Sergeant Dorn: A guardsmen at Fort Zombie.
  • Slarn: A half-orc thug who works for Ikar.
  • Tarmun: A former member of the Company of the Skull.
  • Thandred: Vedykar's cousin and first in line to the family.
  • Wultram: A Karrnathi vampire who turned Brey.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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