Blood Crescent is a hamlet with a population of 82 located on the southern tip of the Demon Wastes. It is an outpost founded and inhabited entirely by House Tharashk during the latter years of the Last War, after several failed attempts.[1][2]

Tharashk uses the tiny town as a base of operations for narstone and Khyber dragonshard mining in the Demon Wastes. As this requires exploring the dangerous land, the town has lost three scouting expeditions and been assaulted several times by various Carrion Tribes and monsters. The town has managed to survive these operations thanks to its military-style administration and a stream of supplies and support from the city of Yrlag, which lies just across the Crescent Bay in the Shadow Marches.[1][3] Despite the fact that maintaining the town in such a manner is very expensive, House Tharashk believes that the natural resources of the Demon Wastes are valuable enough to render the operation profitable.[2]

The town is run by its commander, Baruk. Baruk is a half-orc ranger with a hardened personality. He often hires adventurers to guard caravans or to use as scouts. In addition to the commander there is a small contingent of House Tharashk guards that protect the city.[1]

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