Deneith guild members

[Left to right] Blademarks guild member, Defenders guild member and a Sentinel Marshal.

House Deneith has a reputation to maintain, and before a warrior can wear the Watchful Eye, the house sergeant must have complete confidence in both his skills and his loyalty to the house. As a result, House Deneith rarely hires people on a day-to-day basis. Soldiers of the Blademark are employed for two-year terms. Recruits must have proper identification and background papers, and undergo a grueling training period before being released into the field. Chaotic individuals and other people who have trouble dealing with structure and authority are usually expelled during these drills. After a recruit has been cleared, the house provides him with room, board, training, and basic equipment. In exchange, House Deneith takes a significant cut of the fees paid for the services of the soldier. At the beginning, a gray blade usually only receives a 40% commission; if he stays with the house and advances through the ranks, this may rise as high as 70%.

The cost to hire a Deneith mercenary depends on the quality of the soldier:

Title Class/Level Cost/Day
Black blade 1st-level warrior 25 cp
Gray blade 2nd-level warrior

1st-level fighter

4 sp
White blade 3rd-level warrior

2nd-level fighter

6 sp
Gold blade 4th-level warrior

3rd-level fighter (or higher)

1 gp

Of the 451 soldiers employed by the Sharn Blademark, 39 are black blades, 250 are gray blades, 111 are white blades, and 50 are gold blades. The 49 members of the Deneith household who serve in the Blademark are equally divided between white blades and gold blades, although they generally serve as coordinators, administrators, and instructors.

House Deneith also brokers the mercenary services of independent organizations, such as the Ghaal’dar hobgoblins of Darguun and the elves of Valenar. In these situations, the house helps the mercenaries find work, and if necessary arranges for transportation, translators, and other necessary services, in exchange for a generous commission (10 to 30%, depending on the effort required on the part of the house).

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