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Trilogy BladeoftheFlame.jpg
Blade of the Flame
Author(s) Tim Waggoner
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Novels Thieves of Blood
Forge of the Mind Slayers
Sea of Death
Preceded by The Blade of the Flame

The Blade of the Flame trilogy is a series of novels written by Tim Waggoner and published between 2006 and 2008.


Diran Bastiaan (The Blade of the Flame) and his friends are pulled into an evil plot that threatens all of the Lhazaar Principalities and it's up them to stop the force.


  • Aldarik Cathmore: Human Male
  • Asenka: Human Female Captain (Sea Scorpions)
  • Banain: Kalashtar Telekineticist
  • Barah: Human Female (Coldhear 2nd in Command)
  • Bruk: Human Male
  • Chagai: Orc Male (Striking Viper Clan)
  • Diran Bastiaan: Human Male
  • Eggera: Orc Female
  • Emon Gorsedd: Human Male
  • Eneas: Human Male (Sailor)
  • Erdis Cai: Human Male (Captain of the Seastar) (Vampire) (Servant of Vol)
  • Espial: Human
  • Evalina: Kalashtar Female Artificer
  • Galharath: Kalashtar Male
  • Ghaji: Half-Orc Male
  • Haaken: Human Male Captain of Maelstrom (Coldheart Commander)
  • Hinto: Hafling Male sailed on the Proud Pelican
  • Jarlain: Human Mind Reader
  • Karnil: Human Male House Cannith overseer
  • Kolbyr Ingjald: Human Male Sea Raider
  • Makala: Human Female Vampire
  • Medard:
  • Murtt: Orc Male
  • Nathifa Ingjald: Human Female Lich
  • Onkar: Human Male (Firstmate of the Seastar) (Commander of the Black Fleet) (Vampire)
  • Paganus: Green Dragon
  • Perhata Ingjald: Human Male Sea Raider
  • Quellin: Human Male Librarian and Scholar of the Brotherhood of the Blade, sevant of the Dark Six
  • Ruelo: Shifter Male Wood-Wright
  • Skarm: Barghest
  • Solus: Psi-Forge
  • Tresslar Human Male
  • Turi: Kalashtar Psionicist
  • Yvka: Elf Female Performer Captain of the elemental ship Zephyr (Shadow Network Agent)

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