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The Blackcaps are a set of foreboding peaks jutting out of the landscape in the northern portion of Breland, on the southern shore of Lake Galifar and the borders with Aundair and Thrane.[2][3][1]


The rugged peaks get their name from their bare and barren dark rock faces, which explorers report are almost uncomfortably warm at all hours of day and night,[1] though the air temperature does drop below freezing in the highlands.[2] Next to no vegetation grows upon the rocks, and only on the lower parts.[1]

Dense cloud banks cling to the mountain face, frequently assailing it with torrential rains and snowfalls. Although snow falls at its peaks, it melts as soon as it touches the face of the mountain, and never accumulates. During rains and snows, water rushes over cliffs and flash flooding would frequently occur were it not for the numerous crevasses the waters ran into. Strangely, lightning colored green and red is occasionally glimpsed flashing in the clouds or striking the peaks.[1]

The tallest mountain in the Blackcaps, and in all Breland, is Erix Peak, standing at 13,256 feet (4040 meters).[4]

The strangest mountain, however, is the Kyrrilspire, which changes its shape on a daily basis. It can be seen to the southeast of Drum Keep.[5]

Productive veins of jewels, mithral, and silver lie in the eastern Blackcaps.[6]

The Marrilach River‎ begins its life in the Blackcaps, flowing southwest through the mountains and through the Valley of Obelisks before veering to the west and emptying into Silver Lake[7]


Very few dare explore the mountains and those that have say that deep in the crevasses they could hear strange cries and noises of industry. These claims have gone unverified however; no explorer who has ventured inside has come back to tell of it.[1]


Brigands and monsters sometimes leave the Blackcaps to raid in southern Aundair.[8]

Notable Locations[]

Dozens of small mining villages lie in the eastern Blackcaps, busily extracting its riches. The nearby town of Cragwar serves as their base camp and trading center, and is kept prosperous by them. These mines are the biggest source of mithral in western Khorvaire. The Aurum also has interests in these mines.[6]

On the western side of the Blackcaps sits Drum Keep.[2][3]

Nestled in a secluded valley in the eastern foothills is the Black Pit,[2][3][9] a deep chasm that seemingly extends all the way to the depths of Khyber and from which toxic gases emerge. Nearby is a town of the same name where the destitute and the despicable make their home.[9]