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Blackbriar is a ranch and the secretive enclave of House Vadalis located outside Stormreach in Xen'drik.[1]


It lies north of Stormreach and close to the coast.[1]


A sprawling ranch, Blackbriar is without doubt the biggest of the properties owned by any of the dragonmarked houses in Xen'drik. However, not many people outside the ranch can be certain just how big it is for it is surrounded by fields of blackbriar—a local plant after which the ranch is named—and rumors claim these fields can expand and contract as the housemaster directs. Nevertheless, those who live in the area estimate it to be at least 300 acres (1.2 square kilometers).[1]

The few visitors permitted to enter the compound have reported that the blackbriar grows taller and denser as one approaches the ranch on the road from Stormreach, until it reaches above the height of a human. After this point, the blackbriar abruptly clears and a dirt path can be seen meandering around rolling, grass-covered hills to the ranch itself, which comprises a central manor and a number of outbuildings. These visitors are greeted by a Vadalis member, who strenuously warns them not to wander off and then guides them the rest of the way. Those who are not permitted apparently never find their way through the blackbriar, with the plants themselves said to refuse them access.[1]


Despite having the biggest house facility in Xen'drik, Vadalis has the smallest presence in Stormreach. It has no actual enclave in the city itself and plays no part in Stormreacher affairs. This is in fact a deliberate choice by the heads of Blackbriars, first Mundir and then Tyris, who is if anything even more reclusive and uninvolved.[1]

Their isolation and lack of involvement let the local Vadalis members remain apart, as per their policy, and maintain their privacy and profits. All those in Tyris's employ are sworn to say nothing of what they do for him, though a few have hinted they capture wild and exotic animals from deep in Xen'drik for him.[1]

The enclave owns Tooth and Nail, the only Vadalis-controlled business in Stormreach. It trades in wild animals from the continent for use as exotic pets, mounts, and guardians.[1][2][3]


The well-respected druid and naturalist Mundir d'Vadalis established Blackbriar during the Last War. He spent his time overseeing Vadalis interests in Xen'drik.[1]

A Vadalis agent was among a band of explorers searching for rare fauna specimens in Xen'drik was captured by a yuan-ti tribe several years ago. Through torture and psionics, they forced the Vadalis agent to give up the secrets of magebreeding. They transformed the Vadalis agent into a wretchling and began producing their own magebred snakes.[1]

In 996 YK, Tyris d'Vadalis came to Blackbriar from the Erlaskar enclave to be Mundir's new apprentice breedmaster. Unfortunately, Mundir was accidentally trampled to death later that year, shortly after the Treaty of Thronehold. While his daughter Khepra argued passionately her case for a leadership position, she lacked experience in both breeding and magic, so the role of housemaster went to Tyris.[1]

In the years since, Tyris largely upheld Mundir's policies, but isolated the house even more from Stormreach affairs. Among his first acts was dispatching Rhomas d'Vadalis to oversee Tooth and Nail.[1]


A perennial threat to both House Vadalis and House Tharashk operations is the Hantar'kul drow tribes, who see all foreigners as an impediment to their own destined dominance of Xen'drik.[4]

Known Inhabitants[]