Bhukas are a race of medium-sized humanoid goblinoids[1] found in the Menechtarun desert of Xen'drik.[2][3]


In an event they call the Emergence, the bhuka believe that they were guided from a great cavern beneath the earth by an entity called Kikanuti to the surface, which they call the Upper World. They refer to the cavern from which they emerged as the Lower World or the Second Womb.[1]

Their beliefs teach that other goblinoids are beings not worthy to reside in the Upper World, and that they should remain in the world below, since they were not taught by Kikanuti, whom they see as the benevolent mother of their race.[1]


They have tan skin, large ears, lithe bodies, and red hair.[1]


They are very peaceful and live in arid places.[1]


Bhukas sustain themselves through farming and pride themselves on being able to find water. Their chief crops are beans, sunflowers, grasses, and corn. Their fields surround the village. Each village is lead by an elderly woman called a "Grandmother", along with a council of both men and women. Each family has a house that is built into a cliff or canyon in order to protect the family.[1]

This race develops very strong relationships with their extended families and they are very loyal to their villages.[1]

The bhuka celebrate their goddess by donning ritual masks to channel the spirits of her servants and honor them with feasts and prayers. They avoid the wrath of evil gods by appeasing them with a religious event on winter solstice.[1]




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