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Source Player's Handbook II
Health average
Martial poor
Skill good
Save will
Spellcasting exceptional
Races elves, half-elves, changelings, & gnomes

Relying on the subtle arts of manipulation and deceit the Beguiler turns every situation into an advantage. Relying on a glib tongue, sharp wit, surprise spellcasting and a fair bit of luck beguilers never find themselves at a loss for words, and almost always have a solution for any problem. Though lacking in brute force they are certainly not as frail as a wizard and with their impressive set of skills and spellcasting abilities the beguiler makes a good multi-purpose character.

Special Abilities[]

Spellcasting - although a beguiler's spell list is more limited than that of a wizards or sorcerers they possess a greater ability to cast and as they progress in later levels naturally grow into metamagic feats that allow them to cast spells without vocal and somatic components, despite the fact that they do not prepare spells ahead of time. Also the beguiler has the ability to add spells to their spell lists through intense study giving each individual beguiler a slightly different feel or specialization.

Armored Mage - Beguilers are able to wear light armor without risking spell failure.

Trapfinding - As a rogue a beguiler can search for traps.

Beguilers in Eberron[]

Beguilers typically work independent of other beguilers, and to their own ends. Changelings make good beguilers because of their natural tendency to the role of spy, assassin or trickster. Beguilers might belong to the Cabinet of Faces or hold position among some of the royal families across Khorvaire as well as agents amongst the dragonmarked houses. Any large organization is sure to have at least one beguiler among their ranks, though whether they are working for or against the organization (or both) is at question.



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