Source Player's Handbook
Health exceptional
Martial good
Skill average
Save fortitude
Spellcasting None
Races halflings, humans & half-orcs
Alignment Chaotic

Barbarians are mighty warriors who rely on their strength and incredible toughness to win battles. As handy with a weapon as a fighter, they become tougher and more agile as they become more powerful. The most distinctive aspect of barbarians is their ability to 'rage'. When they rage, barbarians become stronger and are able to shrug off the nastiest of attacks.

Special Abilities Edit

Rage - Barbarians can tap their inner fury to fly into a berserker-like rage. This rage makes the barbarian even stronger and tougher than before, but only lasts a short time and the barbarian loses some proficiency in avoiding attacks and performing any action that requires concentration. When the rage ends the barbarian becomes fatigued. As the barbarian gets more experienced they are able to enter this rage state more often and get even stronger during their ranges.

Fast Movement - The barbarians move quicker than other members of thier race, probably due to their typically nomadic lifestyle.

Trap Sense - The barbarian is so constantly aware of his surroundings that when avoiding a trap he recieves bonuses that increase as he gains experience.

Damage Reduction - at high levels the Barbarian becomes invulnerable to a small amount of damage.

Barbarians in Eberron Edit

Most of the barbarians of Eberron are halflings from the Talenta Plains. Though these diminuative dinosaur riders may not strike the most imposing figure, their ferocity and savagry is unmatched. Human barbarian tribes also exist across Eberron in the regions of the Demon Wastes and the island nation of Seren.

Famous Barbarians Edit

Commentary on Barbarians Edit

For more information regarding playing Barbarians and for specific game mechanics consult the Player's Handbook

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