Baalo One-Eye is a hobgoblin barbarian and leader of the Khraal Lords, a band of pirates and raiders based in the Khraal jungle of Darguun. He's reported to be cruel.[1]


Baalo leads the Khraal Lords in harassing goblinoid communities in southern Darguun. They seized two small warships from a Cyran base on the Ghaal River and have begun attacking shipping on Kraken Bay and started launching scavenging expeditions into the Mournland.[1]

As they lack connections beyond Darguun, Baalo sells any relics he finds to a House Deneith clerk in Wyvernskull. The clerk buys the relics for a third of their true price and sells them to Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn of New Cyre at full value.[1]



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