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Azers are fire-wreathed dwarf-like creatures native to the plane of Fernia.[4][3] Azers have also been spotted on the Volcanic Fields of Xen'drik.[5]


Azers closely resemble dwarves, but with flames instead of hair or beards. They have brass-colored skin that almost appears to have been forged. They tend to dress in the colors of brass, copper, or bronze.[3]


Azers are generally a taciturn race, but will fight if provoked. They have a love of gemstones, and will fight to the death if enraged in combat.[3]


Azers rely on crafted weapons and armor when going into combat. In addition to their weaponry, azers are surrounded by an aura of heat that dissuades their opponents from fighting with them in melee combat. They are immune to fire, vulnerable to cold, are resistant to spells, and possess darkvision.[3]


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