The Sovereign of Law and Lore, Aureon is the patron of wizards and a figure venerated by scholars and librarians. He is the god of magic as a tool for mortals to use. Although all members of the Host are considered equal it is typically written that the Host follows Aureon's guidance due to his vast wisdom.

Long ago, Aureon bound all the evil in his soul and banished it from his personage. This monster became known as the Shadow. It is said that Eberron will come to an end when he and his shadow rejoin. Aureon is the brother of Onatar and the husband of Boldrei. Aureon is portrayed as a gnome or human wizard and occasionally as a blue dragon.

The legendary blue dragon Ourelonastrix brought the secrets of magic to the giants of Xen'drik ultimately leading to their destruction. This event is known as kurash Ourelonastrix or Aureon's folly.

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