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Aunn is a changeling artificer and a spy for the Royal Eyes of Aundair turned adventurer.[1]


Groomed and trained to serve Aundair in the Royal Eyes, Aunn is deeply loyal to Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn but is highly detached. He cares little for anything and anyone else, as he has been instructed that sympathy and friendship will only distract him from his mission.[1]

However, after Aunn was dispatched to Xen'drik to join an expedition, a fellow member, a paladin of the Silver Flame, drew his attention. After her death during the expedition, Aunn became conflicted and questioned what he'd been taught.[1]

Currently, Aunn adventures alongside another band, but struggles to maintain his former detachment. He cares more and more for his allies and their goals.[1]



Aunn appears under various identities in In the Claws of the Tiger and in the Draconic Prophecies trilogy. He was later presented as an example character for changelings appearing in a description in the Eberron Player's Guide, along with Dox and Hars.