Of the many rivers across the face of Khorvaire, the Aundair River has to be one of the most unique in that its headwaters flow in two distinct directions. Glacial runoff from the Starpeak Mountains flow into a shallow valley and from there diverge both to the east and to the west. Westward the river quickly dumps into one of the five fingers of Scions Sound joining with the brackish water there and spreading out into other rivers across Khorvaire. Eastward the river demarks the border between Aundair and Thrane before cutting into Aundair and passing through Fairhaven before eventually splitting into several smaller streams and tributaries which eventually evaporate into the groundwater.

The river is old and barely shows much of a current through most of the year, it has been known to flood during especially rainy seasons but the Raincallers Guild now closely monitors the banks and keeps a close check on the borders.

Among the most famous plyers of the river are the Whiteroof District half-elves of Fairhaven. Merchants and traders, they overs