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Atur is a large city in central Karrnath, south of the Karrn River between the Ashen Spires on the east and the Nightwood on the west.[3] Adherents of the Blood of Vol faith make up a significant amount of the population.[4]


Atur is located near where the Karrn River flows out of the Ashen Spires mountain range. The proximity of the mountains and mists from the Karrn Falls create a gloom that shrouds the city, shortening the amount of daylight it receives.[1][5] A lightning rail line runs through the city, connecting it to Korth and Vulyar.[6]

Atur is also located near a Mabaran manifest zone.[7]


Atur was the center for production of Karrnath's undead during the Last War. Since the war has ended, many of these soldiers have been stored in vaults underneath Atur.[4]


Atur has a thriving nightlife, with a large number of theaters, bordellos, and feast halls open all night.[1][5]

Notable Locations[]

  • The Crimson Monastery is Khorvaire's largest place of worship dedicated to the Blood of Vol and it is Atur's largest claim to fame. The monastery is a pyramidal building made of blood-red brick and black mortar. The building glows faintly at twilight of a seemingly magical radiance. Guards, both living and dead, watch the entryways into the sacred temple.[2]
  • Nighthold: A royal retreat for Karrnath's king, Kaius III.[1][5]
  • Atur Academy: An arcane institute specializing in teaching necromancy.[8]
  • The Vaults of the Dead: A large complex of catacombs that hold Karrnath's undead legions.[1][5]




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